Thefts, Retail Thefts, Computer Thefts

Theft crimes involve any kind of stealing of someone else's property. The charges can go from a summary offense (like a traffic citation), to a felony.

The penalties can go from a type of probation where the charges may be dropped to years in jail.

In his almost 42 years of practice, Andrew Schneider has handled all types of theft cases. Each one is different, and unless you get the right legal advice, it can land you in jail or with a criminal record that will be yours for life.

A criminal record for theft can cause real problems for getting a job in businesses that deal with money, such as banking, insurance or security.

Here are the theft cases Andrew Schneider has handled:

•· Stealing from the boss or a business (employee theft or embezzlement);

•· Computer theft (stealing or accessing computer data)

•· Identity theft

•· Theft of services (not paying for goods or services)

•· Retail theft (shoplifting)

•· Forgery

•· Counterfeiting

•· Credit card fraud

•· Robbery (stealing by threat of violence)

•· Receiving stolen property

When a man was charged with breaking into a business to steal, he testified for the DA and said a guy he knew helped him. Andrew Schneider represented that guy. His cross examination of the witness exposed his lies to get out of trouble himself. The verdict: NOT GUILTY!