Lawyer Helping Those Charged With DUI And Traffic Violations

I'm familiar with ways to avoid a conviction, loss of license and a criminal record. I'm also familiar with minimizing a jail sentence to a work release or house arrest. When the case should be tried, I believe prosecutors know my reputation that I'm more than willing to try a DUI or traffic violation in court. My experience is the more you're willing to fight, the better the chance of good deal.  I will fight for your right to hold onto your driver's license as well as contest all other criminal penalties.

Pennsylvania's DUI Laws

Adult convictions for DUI occur when tests show a .08 blood alcohol reading. For anyone under 21-years-old, a .02 reading is enough for conviction. The penalties increase with higher readings and with additional convictions. The ultimate penalties for DUI often are extremely harsh. It's for this reason you require experienced DUI defense representation anytime you're facing DUI charges.

The outcomes of DUI cases can significantly vary as do the facts of these cases. Breath, blood and field sobriety tests can be challenged in court. I've written a chapter on field sobriety testing. Sometimes, there was no probable cause for an arrest to occur and this leads to the evidence being thrown out. And even if a conviction occurs, there are various ways of reducing penalties and avoiding jail time.

Why Representation May Be Necessary During Traffic Violation Matters

Traffic violations can result in points, fines, loss of license and higher insurance costs. With each violation, and especially for certain violations, the penalties may increase to the point of jail and loss of license for years.

I know the negotiation process and will use this knowledge to get you the best outcome for a lesser charge or a dismissal.

In my 41 years of experience as a practicing lawyer, I've tried hundreds of DUI and traffic cases in courts in Bucks, Montgomery and Allegheny counties, to name a few. I've also tried these cases across Pennsylvania.

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