Lawyer Who Understands How To Defend Against Sex Crime Allegations

The damage to one's life and reputation due to sex crime accusations is tremendous. If not properly dealt with, these charges will never go away. A sex crimes conviction may mean registration as a sex offender. You may not be able to be around children alone. You will not be able to pursue certain occupations with a sex crime conviction on your record. It may mean having your community know you are a sex offender.

The office of Andrew F. Schneider Attorney at Law has represented individuals charged with Internet sex crimes, rape, statutory rape, solicitation and unlawful contact matters. These cases include college students charged with date rape and juveniles charged with sex crimes. Whatever the circumstances, my highest priority is paying attention to your personal needs and concerns.

Investigating Sex Crime Cases On Your Behalf

As a lawyer, I represent individuals facing false charges of sex crimes and fight for vindication. As district attorneys aggressively prosecute these cases, the most vigorous defense is required. Because so much rumor and innuendo surrounds sex crime cases, finding out what really happened is vital.

I know how to investigate sex crime cases. My office has access to investigators and experts who know how to seek out the truth that can save my client. I know how to cross-examine witnesses at trial to expose their misleading testimony. It's my practice to extensively prepare all cases for trial to eliminate any surprises. I do everything in my power to understand the facts of the case before the matter is ever tried.

Over 40 Years Of Litigation Experience

I bring my four decades of experience in Pennsylvania and federal courts into every case I prepare and try. I believe my reputation among prosecutors is that I fight hard for my clients to win. I find the harder I fight, the more likely my client is to get a lesser sentence.

I have more than 40 years of observing how courts operate, what judges will or will not find acceptable and what sorts of trial strategies work best. Especially considering the consequences of sex crime allegations, this type of knowledge is critical.

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There's no time to delay when sex crime allegations arise. Please contact the office of Andrew F. Schneider Attorney at Law at 215-431-2530 to arrange for a free initial consultation. We have an office location in Doylestown, Pennsylvania.