Understanding Drug Violations Defense Attorney

I've tried drug violation cases in both state and federal court for decades. These cases are challenging due to problems of bias on the part of jurors and the large number of evidentiary issues.

I know how to overcome these challenges. The experience I've had in defending drug cases allows me to understand the types of evidence allowable in court. It has also made me highly skilled at cross-examining witnesses when encountering unreliable testimony.

The Types Of Drug Violation Cases I Represent

I'm comfortable in trying cases involving possession, distribution or manufacturing of drugs. I've handled hundreds of marijuana cases as well individuals accused of illegally possessing or selling heroin, cocaine, oxycodone, Percocet and a variety of prescription painkillers like OxyContin, Xanax and Valium.

Drug conspiracy charges are particularly complex. Sometimes, one co-conspirator provides testimony against another in an attempt to lessen his sentence. I prepare thoroughly to show he's lying to get out of trouble. I understand the rights we all have when facing drug charges and do all I can to keep illegal evidence out.

Drug Cases Involving Young People

I see many cases where juveniles find themselves caught up in gang activity and face criminal charges. These cases generally involve drug charges. As these juveniles often are dealing with emotional or drug dependency issues, I help these young people get in touch with the resources they need and provide them the best possible representation to minimize long-term consequences.

Credentials Of An Effective Drug Violations Defense Attorney

I've been a lawyer in Pennsylvania since 1973. During these years, it's been my honor on many occasions to have been selected as a Super Lawyer. I also coauthor a reference book on criminal practice that is used by other lawyers, and have taught criminal justice as an adjunct associate professor at Temple University. I believe I understand the best approach to take concerning the drug charges you face.

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