If you have been arrested or charged with a criminal offense, you need a good lawyer. At the Law Offices of Andrew F. Schneider, all matters involving your freedom and good name are taken very seriously. We provide experienced, effective criminal defense. [Contact Us]

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Noted Cases

  • Man not guilty of molesting 5-year-old
    Man not guilty of molesting 5-year-old

    An illiterate man was accused by his niece of inappropriately touching and committing involuntary deviate sexual intercourse on her.

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  • Mother cleared of charges she duct taped foster kids
    Mother cleared of charges she duct taped foster kids

    Bucks County Courier Times

    November 2003
    DOYLESTOWN (AP) A woman accused of wrapping her foster children in duct tape was acquitted Monday night.

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Criminal Defense Lawyer

You're frightened. Yes, confused, maybe angry, but frightened. There's nothing more frightening than being charged with a crime. After almost 39 years of practicing law, I know how you feel. I'd like to help you. I'm a lawyer who has offices in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. I've helped people throughout those states and in Federal Court. Whether it's murder, drugs, sexual abuse or drunk driving; I know how you feel. You see your world collapsing.

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I've been a public defender, a professor of law and writer of law, but I'm a full-time lawyer who tries cases. Whether it's before a jury or a judge, I will give you my best efforts. I will fight for you. I will keep you informed about your case personally, by phone, mail, or e-mail. You have a right to know.

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I offer payment plans and payment by credit card. All fee agreements are in writing. If you'd like, call for a consultation or e-mail me. If you'd like to learn more about my experience, go to the boxes on top and to the right.

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